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Stem Cell Banks


National Stem Cell Bank

Jan 21, 2008 |
The National Stem Cell Bank (NSCB), located near the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, Wisconsin, is a repository for the human embryonic stem cells lines listed on the National Institutes ... Read more

Stemride International Ltd.

Jan 21, 2008 |
Offers lines of normal human embryonic stem cells, and genetically abnormal variants to scientists and researchers, with sub-licensing to commercial and scientific institutions. Contacts in Belize, ... Read more

The National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource

Feb 3, 2008 |
The National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource provides neural stem cells harvested from the post-natal, post-mortem, human brain to the research community for stem cell research. Several brain areas ... Read more


Nov 5, 2008 |
AssureImmune - a science based cell preservation leader - provides its clients with private adult stem cell collection and preservation medical services worldwide. The company specializes in ... Read more


Dec 29, 2008 |
StemSave is a collaboration of Dentists and stem cell researchers who want to give families a convenient and reliable way to benefit from emerging new healthcare ... Read more

Celltex Therapeutics, Inc.

Jan 30, 2014 |
CELLTEX HAS BANKING PROGRAMS for individuals, newborns and families. Find out what program fits you and your needs ... Read more