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Ethics & Issues



AAAS Policy Brief: Stem Cell Research

Jan 21, 2008 |
A summary of recent issues and events related to human embryonic stem cell research, and an extensive collection of links. ... Read more


Jan 21, 2008 |
Created by 8 European science centers and museums, and presented in nine different languages to explore the science, ethical issues, and laws in different countries, play games and express opinions. ... Read more

Cures Now

Jan 21, 2008 |
A non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of ethical scientific research in the advancement of regenerative medicine. Endorses the use of embryonic stem cells and somatic cell nuclear ... Read more

NIH Stem Cell Information: Policy & Guidelines

Jan 21, 2008 |
Links to policy statements and guidelines on federally funded stem cell research provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). ... Read more

Stem Cell Research

Jan 21, 2008 |
Articles on the ethical issues surrounding stem cell research-from The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. ... Read more

Background and Legal Issues Related to Stem Cell Research

Jan 21, 2008 |
Recent legislative, administrative and judicial actions concerning stem cell research. (June 12, 2002) ... Read more

Presiden't Council on Bioethics

Feb 2, 2008 |
Advising the President on ethical issues related to advances in biomedical science and technology ... Read more


May 31, 2008 |
StemGen, a module of the HumGen website ( , is a research database of international, regional and national normative instruments concerning the socio-ethical and legal ... Read more

The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network

Jan 1, 2009 |
CBC is about shedding light on the bioethics issues within our culture that most profoundly affect our humanity -- especially among the most vulnerable. We are increasingly aware that to accomplish ... Read more