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Birmingham University Stem Cell Centre

In the last decade the discipline of stem cell science has expanded at a phenomenal rate and has captivated the attention not only of the research community but also the general population. This excitement has arisen because a variety of distinct stem cells offer the very real prospect of novel or improved therapies across many areas of medicine.

The Birmingham University Stem Cell Centre (BUSCC) encompasses more than twenty different multidisciplinary groups working on fundamental and clinical research, some of which has already reached the early stages of clinical trials. Our research covers a wide range of research areas from neural stem cells, skeletal muscle stem cells, tooth stem cells and germ cells derived from embryonic stem cells to studies on 3D materials for tissue engineering. These groups hold substantial research funding from the Research Councils and various charities. Complementing these research efforts, the Centre also includes a number of members of the School of Social Sciences who help to provide a broad perspective on social and ethical issues associated with stem cell research.

As a forum for interaction between researchers, BUSCC facilitates the development of collaborations and subsequent bids for grant support. BUSCC runs regular research seminars and workshops involving local, national and international participants, which are open to all across the University campus and the surrounding hospitals. BUSCC also aims to act as a focus for informed discussion with academia, industry and the public on scientific, technological and social issues arising out of this burgeoning field.
Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT
44 (0) 121 414 6812