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Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences - Kyoto University

The Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences celebrates its tenth anniversary this year since its establishment in 1998. The research in this institute widely encompasses basic biology of regenerative medicine including stem cell biology to tissue engineering. These ten years have witnessed enormous scientific success of the institute, as illustrated, for example, by the invention of induced pluripotent stem cells and the establishiment of human embryonic stem cells. We have made efforts to facilitate our basic and applied research on regenerative medicine by constructing a new animal facility, establishing the Stem Cell Research Center and Cell Processing Center, and reorganizing the structure of the institute to newly establish the Research Center for Nano Medical Engineering. This institute has also contributed to several campus-wide educational programs together with the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering for nurturing the next generation of scientists in regenerative medicine. I hope that next ten years will witness another success of this institute.

Shimon Sakaguchi,M.D.,Ph.D
Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences
Kyoto University 
53 Kawahara-cho
Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8507