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MediVet America is a division of MediVet, an animal health company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a global reach that spans the entire world.

MediVet has a comprehensive and complementary ‘team’ of key personnel dedicated to the welfare of animals of all sizes throughout the animal kingdom. MediVet America is excited and inspired by our Corporate Mission:

Our goal is to provide advanced veterinary solutions for the treatment and therapeutic care of all our friends in the animal kingdom. The criteria that we apply to all veterinary treatments that we consider for inclusion within our range are very exacting and include:

Each product must be:

  1. completely drug free when possible;
  2. free of all harsh and abrasive chemicals;
  3. animal friendly with no harmful or doubtful side effects;
  4. completely effective for the task it is assigned

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Nicholasville KY 40356