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Stem Cells Portal

The STEM CELLS PORTAL is an interactive, multimedia resource, designed to provide the global community of stem cell researchers common linkage among the many regional and international stem cell research tools, services, organizations, and learned societies.  This will include linking labs worldwide in our stem cell community, providing access to cell line databases, protocol databases, new technologies, discussion boards, blogs, new stem cell news and literature, calendars of meetings and events, newsletters, networking and job opportunities, and online access to the journal’s peer reviewed stem cell and regenerative medicine literature.  The Portal also offers the option for groups to manage access controlled pages available only to members.

The Portal covers all aspects of stem cells: embryonic stem cells, tissue-specific stem cells, cancer stem cells, the stem cell niche, stem cell genomics and proteomics, translational and clinical research, and technology development.

Contact the Portal Editor at to discuss collaborations and future directions.

318 Blackwell St
Durham NC 27701